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You know the feeling.

You run out of your favorite lipstick, and go to buy more. But it’s not there.

That hairspray or shampoo that worked wonders for your hair, beating your summertime frizzies? Gone.

It happens to all of us. We find a product we love, that works well for us, and after a season or two, it seems to be gone. Why is that? If it was such a great product, why aren’t they selling it anymore?

For over a decade, author Karleen Tauszik worked in the beauty product industry. Based on her years of experience, she’s written this book. You’ll learn:

·       What to do FIRST when you get to the store and you can’t find your product.

·       How the beauty product companies work with retail stores.

·       How to find out what’s happening with your product—and who’s at fault.

·       Where to find your favorites, even if they’re discontinued.

When you can’t find your fav products, don’t panic. Use this helpful step-by-step guide to keep your beauty products well stocked and keep YOU looking great!

Available in e-book version at Amazon or at your other favorite e-bookstores.