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Written goals are key to achieving our best potential. Studies repeatedly show that people who have written goals are usually the ones who end up achieving the most in life.

And yet, goal setting is usually not taught in schools.

That’s why Karleen Tauszik wrote Every Kid’s Guide to Goals.

Every child has things they want. Maybe it’s a certain toy or game, a better grade, a bigger allowance, or greater proficiency at a skill or a sport. This workbook is the step-by-step guide to effectively choosing, setting and achieving realistic goals in any area of life. It’s easy to understand and has real-life examples to guide children through the goal setting process.

Kids of all ages can learn:

·        Why they should set goals.

·        The differences between wishes, dreams, and goals.

·        How to choose goals that are realistic and achievable.

·        How to plan the action steps needed to achieve the goal.

·        How to plan for obstacles and ask for help if needed.

Imagine the satisfaction children can feel from achieving their first goal. And with six Goal Worksheets included, they can repeat the steps with new goals, establishing a goal setting habit that will benefit them for a lifetime.

This full-sized paperback book is available for $7.99 on Amazon

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